Let this be the year people make a difference in saving the lives of animals.


Our goal at Reserve Animal 911 is to raise awareness, save lives and to find homes and shelters for animals living on reserves and surrounding areas.






Education is key. Please realize that animals feel pain, get hungry, get thirsty, and get cold too. Learn the reality of animals around your area and how they are suffering. Only when we know the truth of the situation of animals around us, can we properly know how to help.

If you find yourself in a situation that you find an abandoned, hurting, hungry, or cold animal you can take immediate actions yourself. Take it in for the night, provide it with food, water, or shelter, and then you can reach out to an organization near you through our Network Page or contact us and we can get that animal the help that it needs. We all have a part in making sure all animals have everything they need to survive.

Please spay and neuter your animals to help the population.


Shelters and rescues have animals to vaccinate and feed and veterinary bills to pay. Running a rescue organization isn’t cheap. Donations don't only have to come in the form of monetary value but also food, toys, collars, leashes, other supplies can go a long way in helping our shelters and rescue continue the work that they do. You can find a charity organization near your area to donate by using our Network Page.


Fosters provide a temporary home to rescued animals, teach them love, and prepare them for their forever homes. Many dogs from shelters and rescues started their lives abandoned, neglected, or ill.  Fostering gives the dogs a second chance at life. If you currently have pets or have experience with taking care of pets and you have extra space and resources to foster an animal, please contact a shelter or rescue near you using our Network Page.


There are currently countless animals waiting to be adopted in shelters and rescues. These animals can't wait to find their forever homes! If you are thinking of getting a pet, please consider heading over to a shelter or rescue near you and see if you can bring home a new member of your family. You can check out our Network Page as well to see a full list of shelters and rescues in your area that currently have adoptable animals.


Just a few hours a week can change or save an animal's life. Check out our Network page to find a shelter near you and contact them for volunteer opportunities. You can also contact us at HelpRA911@gmail.com and we can help connect you to a shelter near you!


Join us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all our other social media platforms or just word of mouth to raise awareness about what is going on in the lives of animals all around us. Share with your family and friends how they can also help.

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Let's be the change that is needed to protect these animals. Start a petition for more laws put in place protecting the animals and penalizing others who are hurting, abusing, or neglecting these animals.

Submit your rescue here


You can encourage others to save animals with your story.. or see rescue stories here.

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